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Moong (Vigna radiata Linn.)-An Ayurvedic Review

Moong (Vigna radiata Linn.)-An Ayurvedic Review


Ayurveda is the science of Life. It mentions about Pulses in Shimbidhanya Varga. Mudga or green gram is one of the most commonly used pulses in India. Many of the Ayurvedic texts quote that it is the best among all pulses. This review throws light on some of the important aspects of Mung bean in diet and medicine. References of Mudga from various Samhitas and Nighantus of Ayurveda were collected and its properties and actions were reviewed.

Keywords: Mung,Green gram, Ayurveda,Shimbidhanyavarga .

Details: Written by Sushant Sonawane

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