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Evaluation Of Antioxidant Activity Of DADIM In Essential Hypertention.

Evaluation Of Antioxidant Activity Of DADIM In Essential Hypertention.

Dadim (Punicagranatum Linn.)is natural source of antioxidants like vitamin C,punicalginand gallicacid.Out of which vitamin C and punicalgin have major antioxidant effects. Besides this ancient Ayurvedic texts including Carakasamhita,Sushrutasamhita and various nighantus have described Dadim as Hridya.With this background study was commenced.

Total 30 patients were included in the study and divided into 2 groups of 15 patients.GroupA patients were given Dadimswarasa with oral antihypertensive agents and Group B patients were given only oral antihypertensive agent i.e. Amlodipine 5 mg OD.Dadimswarasa was given in a dose of 200 ml,oncedaily,empty stomach in the morning for 60 days.Subjective criteria’s evaluated were headache,breathlessness,palpitation,giddiness,insomnia,restlessnessand chest pain.Objective criteria’s were blood pressure, lipid profile and estimation of MDA (Malondialdehyde) and GSH (Glutathione peroxidase) level in blood to evaluate antioxidant action.At end of study it was noted that significant no of patients who were taking Dadimswarasa have decreased level of total cholesterol and LDL along with decrease in oxidative stress.Reduction of blood pressure is seen in 73.33% patients in group A and 66.66% in group B. Reduction of blood pressure in both groups was found to insignificant at 5% level of significance by using paired‘t’ test.

Details: Written by Dr.ShelkeRajshree D., Dr.Ramteke Ashok D, Dr.PravinPatil, Dr. Dinesh Gavand

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