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Emphasizing Malahar In Tvakvikar From Rasa Tarangini

Emphasizing Malahar In Tvakvikar From Rasa Tarangini


Skin is described extensively in ancient literature. It is related to Doshas, Dhatus,Updhatus, Mala and Strotas. Apathyakar Ahaar Vihar leads to the vitiation of Doshas, Dhatus, and Malas which results into the development of Tvachavikar. Along with the internal medication it is also necessary to make use of external application in skin disorder. Skin is the seat of Bhrajak pitta which imparts the characteristics complexion to skin. Bhrajak Pitta also performs Deepan and Pachaan of the dravyas used for external application(Abhyan,Lepa,Malahar etc).This study is  focused on mentioning different Malahar from Rasa Tarangini  used in Tvakvikar where Rasa-aushadis are used to get the better results.

KEYWORDS: Malahar, Rasaushadi, Tvakvikar.

Details: Written by . Gangaprasad Asore1 , Dr. Baban Rathod1, Dr. Tasneem Fatima A. Turabi1

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