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Role of Paribhadra Ras in Dadru (twak vikaar) chikitsa

Role of Paribhadra Ras in Dadru (twak vikaar) chikitsa


As we all know,skin is the largest organ in human body. In recent years,there is leap in incidences of skin disorders in tropical developing countries like India. Due to various environmental factors, unhygienic conditions, poor food quality, poverty etc. Dadru is one such Kushtha prakaar. It is a Kapha Pitta pradhan twak vikaar affecting all age groups. It can be broadly correlated with Tinea infection in modern science. “Paribhadra Ras[1] is one such exclusive Raskalpa from Rasendra Saar Sangrah useful in dadru chikitsa. Here is a study of Dosha dushya samurchana, vyadhi vivechan and role of Paribhadra Ras in Dadru Kushtha in detail.

Keywords:   Dadru, Tinea Infection, Paribhadra Ras.

Details: Written by Dr.Baban Rathod1 , Dr.Sachin S.Sheth1, Dr. Tejal A. Panchal1

Attachments:  5.Role of Paribhadra Ras in Dadru (twak vikaar) chikitsa.


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