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Concept of strotas with special reference to medovah strotas

Concept of strotas with special reference to medovah strotas


Ayurveda is a remarkably individualized system of medicine.the tradition is rooted in the idea that each of us is born with a completely personal blueprint for optimum health .It has a remarkable capacity to help each of us sync up with our truest inner value ,honour and develop our strength. The principal entities of the dosha- dhatu-mala form the base of the physiology and pathological thinking in Ayurveda.  To maintain continuity in the life cycle, these bodily elements have to be continuously regenerated, nourished and replenished.The nutrient materials are supplied to the tissues through the process of transudation and at this level they are know as ‘strotas.’Strotas is defined as hollow channels except sira and dhamani which originating root space spread in the body carries specific entities. These channelas have the colour similar to that of the dhatus they carry.There are several synonyms given by acharyas for strotas.The aim of the study to justify that vat,pitta ,kapha move all over cater to there needs for movements.Dosha move in the entire body and as such grossly they have no specific passage but use all the strotas as the same but minutely speaking they have also there specific srotasa as said by A.sushruta.Similarly strotas which are beyond sensory perception like mind etc And we have maintain these strotas for good and healthy life.

Keywords: Ayurveda,Strotas,Medodhatu,Medovaha strotas

Details: Written by Vd. Sneha K.Dhakulkar1 Vd.S.M.Satpute2

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