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Case Report: Management of Gravitational Eczema with Raktamokshana ( Blood Letting)

Case Report: Management of Gravitational Eczema with Raktamokshana ( Blood Letting)

Dr.Pankaj R.Vishwakarma1,Dr. (Mrs) Naina P. Vishwakarma2

1.HOD Sharir Rachana Department, L K R Ayu. Mahavidyalaya, Gadhinglaj                      

2.HOD Rog Nidan Department, L K R Ayu. Mahavidyalaya, Gadhinglaj                                                                                    


 A case of Gravitational Eczema of legs was treated with Raktamokshana; Sirvyadha ( Venipuncture). It was given once in week for 8 consecutive weeks. The methodologyof siravyadha was carried out as mentioned in Ayurveda classics. Thepatient obtained out standing enhancement in his eczematous condition. This case highlights the varity that is feasible to treat the cases of Gravitational eczemawith Siravyadh ( Venipuncture).

Key Words:- Siravyadha, Raktamokshana, Gravitational Eczema, Vatarakta.


Gravitational Eczema (Stasis Dermatitis) crops up on the lower legs and is the result of chronic venous hypertension so it is also called as venous eczema. It is a chronic inflammation of the outer layers of the skin. This condition is not contagious. According to Medical dictionary: erythema and scaling of the lower extremities due to impaired venous circulation, seen commonly in  older women or secondary to deep vein thrombosis, the latter with rapid onset and swelling.Varicose Eczema involves the skin on or near varicose veins in the legs and usually the skin on the ankles is affected. Varicose veins occur when the valves in particular blood vessels malfunction and allow the blood to flow backwards. The condition is more likely to occur in people who are overweight. It represent by symptoms like itching of skin, dry skin. Crack skin, Rashes, Swelling, Mild pain and discoloration of skin.

Details: Written by Dr.Pankaj R.Vishwakarma,Dr. (Mrs) Naina P. Vishwakarma

Attachment:  Case Report


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